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BigChange’s award-winning technology is an all-in-one platform which allows automatic synchronisation between your mobile workforce and back office.

Best of all, this is all done in real-time, helping you to complete more jobs, control your cash flow and hit your customers’ KPIs.

Working Day Essentials

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To begin work on your device, open the BigChange App and use the keypad to enter your ID, followed by the Work button.


The screen will now display your Dashboard.


  1. Date & time – these settings are not just informative, they are used to provide you with up-to-date jobs details as well as pulling through onto your timesheet information.
  2. Name/Vehicle Reg No – The information here will differ depending on whether there is a permanent matching of driver and vehicle. Where this isn’t the case, only the relevant detail will be shown.
  3. Driver Behaviour – this will show how you are performing against the driver safety targets which your company has in place, including parameters such as speeding or excessive idling.
  4. Jobs – As well as displaying the number of scheduled jobs you have on the dashboard view, you will see that it is also shown on the right-hand menu so that it is visible whichever screen is showing. The number shown in the blue circle next to the Jobs icon shows unopened jobs, meaning that you will always be aware when a new job or an update to an existing one, is received.
  5. Messages – Any messages you receive will be shown here, for example, your company may have opted to disallow messages whilst you’re driving and so they will appear once you arrive at your destination.

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