RoadCrew/Support Help Button

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From time to time, you may require help or assistance. Our RoadCrew team are here to help 24/7 via the RoadCrew Help Button.

From the Dashboard, the third button down on the right of the screen is the Help button, press it:


From here you have several options available to you:


  1. If you wish to call RoadCrew by telephone, but not from the device you are using, the RoadCrew number is here
  2. If your device has voice calling enabled (such as a smartphone or a tablet with Skype), then pressing this button will connect to RoadCrew
  3. Once you have spoken to RoadCrew, you may rate the call by clicking on one of the stars
  4. If you do not wish to call RoadCrew, or merely wish to ask a simple question, you may write a message here, and press the button (5) to send this