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Completing a Vehicle Check on the BigChange App

Vehicle checks are customisable checklists to be completed at the start of the day before driving to jobs e.g. ‘check windscreen’, ‘check tyres’, ‘check oil'.

Each item to be checked is referred to as a ‘defect’.  When a tablet user reports a defect, the system will log the defect as ‘open’ on the vehicle until it is marked as resolved.

If your company requires you to perform a vehicle check, this can be done by clicking on the vehicle check button on the left-hand menu:


Your vehicle check will now appear. 

If you wish to clear the keypad which appears, use the back button on your device. Complete the check either item by item, using the checkboxes to the right of each category or by pressing the Validate All button on the right-hand menu where that is appropriate ie all of the responses are Ok.

Responses that are OK will display in green, whilst issues display in red and may require a photograph:


Where an answer is negative, a popup will open offering ways to access a photo, either from your library or take one on your device:


Select and Save a photograph:


Add notes describing the nature of the damage and click Edit on the right-hand menu if you wish to annotate the image:


That will open a colour palate. Select the colour(s) you wish to use and draw on the image using your finger/stylus:


When you are satisfied, click Ok and then Save on the next screen. Your description will now appear under the relevant section in the list view.

Once all of the answers have been completed you can click on the Sign off button:


and then sign and Send:




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