Viewing previous jobs carried out at location

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Sometimes you may need to look back at previous jobs undertaken at a site, especially if you were not the person who carried out the work there. Whether or not you can access this particular feature will be determined by the back office.

To see previous jobs, go to the Job you are doing at the site:


Press the CRM button (highlighted above). From here if you click on the Recent Jobs option on the right of the screen:


This will display the historical jobs at this site:


  1. This displays the last time the jobs list was refreshed, if this needs updating, press Refresh on the upper right
  2. This will tell you the time and date the Job took place
  3. This will tell you the reference and job type
  4. This will show you the outcome and the name of the Engineer and Customer

Clicking on the job will show the job details as below: