Accepting, driving to, starting and completing jobs

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There are four stages which need to be undertaken after the job has been created for a user to complete their job. These are Accepting the job, Driving to the Job, Starting the job, and completing jobs. All of these are to be done on the device.


Accepting Jobs

There are two methods of accepting jobs. The first is to accept jobs individually, and the second is to Accept All jobs.

1. Accepting Jobs Individually

To accept jobs on an individual by individual basis, first you must go to the jobs dashboard:


Open a single job by touching it:


On the upper right of the screen, click on Accept Job. This will change the icon on the upper left of the screen from 3.jpg  to 4.jpg This has accepted the job.


2. Using Accept All

If you have multiple jobs which need to be accepted, you can accept all of them simultaneously.

To do this, go to the Jobs Dashboard and on the right side, press Accept All Jobs:


Confirm that you want to accept all jobs, and press Yes.  All jobs will now be accepted:



Driving to Jobs

Once you have Accepted a Job, you will need to drive to the job. This will show back office on the Schedule that you have set off to do a job, and your ETA can be calculated from the time you said you set off.

To begin, from within the job, click on the Start Driving button as shown below:


From here you will be prompted if you wish to use Sat Nav. By default, this uses Google Maps to guide you to your destination:


If you say no, you will be taken to the Job screen, otherwise you will be shown Google Maps. Starting the job will end the Driving to Job status.


Starting Jobs

Once you have driven to a job, you will need to start the job. This is important to do as soon as you arrive on site to start the job, as this information appears on the Standard Job card, which the customer can receive copies of.

Following from the previous section, when you have finished driving to the job location, press the Start Job option, as displayed below:


You will know if this is successful, as the icon in the upper left of the job screen will change to a:



Completing Jobs

Once a job is completed, you will need to complete the job before you can start the next one.

To begin this process, press the Job Result button as shown below:


From here you will be displayed the following screen:

12.png 13.png

  1. Here you can pick from a selection of outcomes. This can vary between jobs, as these are configured by your back-office team.
  2. If your back-office team have created job flags, and asked you to add them, here you can select them
  3. These are notes that can be added by the resource for the job
  4. This is the name of the person who will be signing the job off (at the customer site). Tapping on the name will allow you to change it.
  5. These are the customer notes which they can add themselves
  6. The customer can use a stylus or their finger to sign for the job
  7. If the signature needs changing or re-doing, this is where you can clear it
  8. Click here to finish the job
  9. Click here to see a PDF of how the job card will appear

If you have not completed all your worksheets, you may be prompted to finish them here. Similarly, finishing the job may prompt you to fill out another worksheet. This is depends on whether your back-office team have set these up against this job type.