Different job views

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There are different ways for you to view your jobs on your devices. This will allow you to sort and filter the information presented to you in order to ensure that you exactly what you need to see.


Filtering jobs

From the Dashboard click on Jobs:


The top three options on the upper right of the screen are the filtering options:


  1. The first is Display All Jobs, which will show every job assigned to this resource in the last 12 months.
  2. The second option, Display Open Jobs, will allow you to see all jobs which are still open (have not been completed). This allows you to plan all jobs which require work doing to them.
  3. The third option, Today’s Job, allows you to choose any jobs which have been assigned to you today. This includes completed and open jobs.
  4. The fourth option down allows you to change the sort order of the jobs available to you.