Use Icons to Answer Worksheet Questions

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Worksheet questions can now be created so that the device user has a choice of icons to pick their answer from.

The worksheet creator will have specified a predefined list of icon as answers and these will be shown on the device.  The person filling in the worksheet can then very quickly pick an icon for their answer to the question.

To find out more about which file types are supported, read Adding Files & Attachments in JobWatch. 

This article covers the following topics:

Viewing a Worksheet and Selecting Icon(s) as Answers

Once a job has been received on a device, the resource can tap to view the job's details.  Any worksheets that are attached to the job and require answering are shown on the menu to the right-hand side of the screen. 

The screenshot example below shows there is a worksheet entitled "Using icons to answer questions" attached to the job. 

The device user can tap on the title to view and complete the worksheet:


Once the worksheet has been opened, the list of questions will be displayed and, where they have been used, icons will be displayed that can be used to answer the questions:


The device user can tap on the icon they wish to return as their answer to the question - it will become highlighted blue once selected:




Icon 'Values'

Note that each icon will have had a value assigned to it during the set-up of the worksheet.

Back-office: Once icons have been selected as answers on a device, the results can then be seen in the back-office when viewing the job result pop-up.

The screenshot below shows the back-office view of the results from the answers that were given in the above example:


Job card: When a device user uses an icon the provide an answer, the meaning of the icon will be saved and displayed as text in the job card.

Using the example above, the following answers are given on the job card:


  • Thumbs-up icon = "Successful"
  • Sheet/X icon = ".xlsx"
  • X icon = "No"