Quick Access To Job Photo History

  • Updated

When viewing job history on a device, there is now a new option that allows you to view any photos on the device from previous jobs done at same location, all in one place.

You can choose to view photos from the last 10, 30 or 90 jobs.

When hitting the button to view job history, there is a new option to view previous job photos (as apposed to job details). All images are then displayed from the last 10 jobs, with the option to expand to 30 jobs or 90 jobs. All photos from relevant jobs are shown in a chronological list with the ability to click on each photo to expand the view to full screen.


Follow the below steps:

1. To access photo's from a contact's previous jobs, when viewing the current job's details, tap on the clipboard/tick icon to be taken to the contact's history:


2. Once viewing the contact's history, you will find a 'PICTURES' menu button on the right-hand side. Tap on this to be taken to a collection of photos from previous jobs for the contact:


3. Once viewing the 'CONTACT PICTURES', the initial view will be of photos from the previous 10 jobs (displayed by job reference, date and time). However, you have the option to see further back if you wish to by tapping to view pictures from the "last 30 jobs" or the "last 90 jobs" on the right-hand side menu:


4. Additionally, if you wish to view an image in full size, simply tap on the picture. Tap on the image again to go back to the list view: