Self-Allocate Unscheduled Jobs Using the BigChange App

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In this article, we will guide you through the process of self-allocating unscheduled jobs using the BigChange App. This feature allows resources to view and allocate jobs to themselves, ensuring efficient job management and completion.

Viewing Unscheduled Jobs on the BigChange App

A list of unscheduled jobs can be accessed by tapping the "Unscheduled Jobs" button from several areas within the app:

  • From the Jobs List view
  • From the recent job section within a contact
  • From a contact itself
  • From viewing the job history against an item of stock stored against the job

Depending on the part of the app you are using, different filters will be applied automatically.  For example, if viewing unscheduled jobs from a contact, or piece of stock, only jobs against that contact or stock item will be shown. Additional filters can be applied by selecting "Search."

These include:

  • Jobs with certain flags
  • Job types
  • Job categories
  • Start and end date constraints

Self Allocating Unscheduled Jobs on the BigChange App

When viewing unscheduled jobs from the jobs list, an additional filter allows you to search jobs near your current location.  Selecting the job, displays more information.

Allocation can either take place from this screen by selecting the "Allocate Job" button or, from the list screen by selecting the blue icon.

A prompt is displayed on the screen. When "Yes" is selected, a confirmatory message is presented advising that allocation has been successful.

If you select a job which you are unable to complete (e.g., the resource does not have the skills or another constraint is not met), a message advising this is displayed on the screen.

Enabling Self Allocation of Unscheduled Jobs for Resources

The ability for resources to view unscheduled jobs and self-allocate is controlled within a resource's profile.  When signed into BigChange as a System Administrator, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Profile Icon
  2. Select "Admin settings"
  3. Select "Manage Resources" from the quick links menu
  4. Select the resource you want to enable this for and select "Edit"
  5. Under "BigChange Settings" select "Resource can Self Allocate Unscheduled Jobs" and "Save".

The use of this feature is dependent upon the device having internet connectivity. If the device is not connected, a connection error will be shown.  The types of jobs, job categories, and contacts displayed on the list are determined by the restrictions of the linked web user of the resource.  Resources will only be able to self allocate jobs which they have the skills to complete.


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