Calculate Driving After Job

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There may be occasions when you wish to include the cost of the driving time after a job to the total cost of the job itself, for example, you may wish to charge the cost of driving from the customer's premises back to Head Office.

For this option to be available, it needs to have been set up in the back office. Begin the job as usual. Once the job has been carried, your device will display the following option "Do you wish to start recording your driving time from this job to your next location?": 1.png Clicks 'Yes' and the device will display as shown below: 2.png When you arrive at your destination, click to reopen the job.  You will now be able to click on one of the two tabs outlined below which will give you the option of cancelling the previous instruction or ending your journey: 3.png Clicking on the second option, 'End driving job' will bring up the message below: 4.png The device screen will now show a calendar, then a clock to confirm the date and        time of completion: 5.png 6.png The Travel costs will now have been added to the Finances for this job.