Easily View a Contact's Picture History

  • Updated

A contact's pictures from previous jobs can be easily viewed via the CRM section on a device.

From the menu on the left of the screen, scroll down and locate 'CRM'. Tap on the CRM button and a list of Contacts will be displayed:


Tap on the contact you wish to view job pictures for. Both information and further options for the contact will be displayed. On the right hand side, tap on the 'Recent Jobs' option:


This will display a list of recent jobs, but also give you the option to view all related pictures (right hand side 'Pictures' button):


Contact pictures will then be displayed. Initially, pictures from the last 10 jobs will be displayed, but you have the option to increase this to the last 30 or 90 jobs if you wish to:


If you wish to view a full size picture, simply tap on the image and fill picture will be displayed.