Using Stock on Jobs in the BigChange App

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In the BigChange App, there are two primary methods for using stock on jobs: through the Stock Menu or directly from the job itself. This guide will walk you through both methods to ensure you can efficiently manage your stock usage.

Adding Stock from the Stock Menu in the App

  • Navigate to the "Stock Menu"
  • Select "Today’s Jobs Stock"
  • Next to the item of stock you intend to use, select the green button.


  • Select the quantity to drop at the site.


If you are not at the correct site/location (your tracking will determine this), you will see a warning message: "You can't drop off this item now, you are not at the planned drop off location, are you sure you want to drop off this item?"


  • Once confirmed, the status will turn green and update to "Done."

Using the Stock from the Job in the App

  • Go to the job where you need to use the stock.
  • Select "Job Stock"


  • Select "Use Part"


  1. Choose where you are getting the stock from:
    • Van: Takes stock from the van.
    • Site: Uses stock from the site you are currently located at for the job.
    • Contact: Allows you to pick another contact/site to pick the item from
  2. Choose whether you are using the part generically on the site or, specifically on another piece of equipment.
  3. Scan the barcode from the item or,
  4. Search for the item manually.


Once you have selected the item, select the quantity, and select "OK"

You will now see the stock movement against the job.


When you complete the job, any stock you have used will show on the summary.



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