Using Stock on Jobs

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There are two methods of using the stock on jobs. This can be done through the Stock Menu or from the job itself.

Adding Stock from the Stock Menu

You can add stock from the stock menu, once it has been confirmed as being picked up and on the van.

To do this, go to the Stock Menu, and select the Today’s Jobs Stock:


Next to the item of stock you intend to use, press the green button. Here you will need to select the quantity to drop at the site:


If you are not at the correct site or place (your tracking will work out whether you are at the correct location), you will see the below warning:


Once you have done this, the Status will now be green and say Done.


Using the Stock from the Job

You can also use Stock from a Job from within the Job itself. To do this, go to the job, and you will see the Job Stock option as below:


In the upper right of the screen, you will see the Use Part option:


From the below screen, you will have several options:


  1. Here you can select where you are getting the stock from. Van will take it from the stock in the van. Site is for the site you are currently located at for the job. Contact will allow you to pick another contact/site to pick the item from
  2. This allows you to choose whether you are going to use the part on the site (i.e. you are just generically using the part, like a lightbulb). Specific is where you can use the part on another piece of equipment. (i.e. If the Stock was a Pump, it could be used on a Boiler as part of a repair.)
  3. Allows you to scan the barcode from the item
  4. Allows you to search the item

Once you have selected the item, select the quantity and press OK:


You will now see the stock movement against the job:


When you complete the job, any stock you have used will show on the summary: