Creating expenses and assigning them to jobs

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There are two ways to create expenses on tablets. The first is to create a general expense, which are expenses which are not assigned to jobs.

The second is an expense which is assigned to a job. This is for expenses which are incurred whilst on a job.

Creating a general expense

To create an expense from your tablet, which is not assigned to a job, you will first need to make sure that your device is not in an open job. To ensure this, make sure that you are on the Dashboard:


On the left of the screen, if you cannot see Expenses, scroll down using the down arrows:


Once you have scrolled down, click on the Expenses button: 3.png

From the below screen, any existing, non-signed expenses will appear. From here, touch Add New



Here you will be presented with the Add Expense Screen:


  1. Here you will need to add the Expense Group. This is defined by the back office, and typically include items such as Travel or Sustenance
  2. Depending on the Expense Group selected, different expense types will appear here. For example, if Travel was selected, you may see Fuel, Mileage, Parking, or Train
  3. Details are where you will have to enter the specific information regarding the expense you are claiming
  4. Here you can change the date and time of the expense.
  5. This is where you can change the currency of the expense. Unless you are travelling abroad and making purchases in other currencies, this will not be used
  6. This is where you can enter the amount post-VAT
  7. This is where you can enter the amount pre-VAT
  8. You can enter the % of VAT applied to a receipt
  9. If your expense required a receipt, you can take a photo of it here

Please note, that you only need to add the value into either the Pre or Post VAT field. You do not need to include both. Once you have entered the information as above, touch Save Expense This will add the expense to your expenses.


Adding an expense to a Job

You may add expenses to Jobs. This is useful for when you must purchase items as part of a job, such as supplies, hotels or mileage. To begin, go to a Job:


On the right side of the screen, press Add New Expense.  The expenses screen works exactly the same as before, except that the title of “Expenses for job at…” followed by the information of the job the expense belongs to above it:


Fill this out and press Save Expense. When you go to your Expenses, you will now see that the expense will say that it belongs to a job: