Viewing Stock Information on the BigChange App

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Efficiently managing stock is essential for completing jobs successfully. This guide will help you check the required stock for your jobs using the BigChange App.

From the Dashboard, Select "Stock".


The following options be available:


  1. Van Stock allows you to view the stock stored in the van. If this is incorrect, you may need to perform a stock-take to rectify this.
  2. Summary of Items provides a summary of all items stored in the selected location.
  3. Today's Job Stock lists the stock required for the jobs to be undertaken today.
  4. Search Other Vans enables you to search for stock stored in other vans to swap stock with other drivers.
  5. Search Stock enables you to search for stock items held by your company and find their locations.
  6. Item Specifics. View item specifics.
  7. Search enables to to search for a specific item.
  8. Refresh Stock will update the stock locations, If additional jobs are assigned to you or stock has been moved.
  9. Add to Van enables you to add stock from a location to your van.
  10. Create New Item enables you to create new items of stock. This is useful if you find unlisted stock during a stock take, or if you purchase new items from a merchant, and need to add them to stock.


By following these steps, you can efficiently check the required stock for your jobs in BigChange. For further assistance, refer to the BigChange Help Centre or contact support.


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