Using stock/equipment

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When on jobs, there are occasions where you may need to use stock or equipment in order to complete a job.

There are several scenarios you will likely encounter; Stock booked against a job, Stock on the Van to be used on the job and Picking up Stock from the site.


Today’s Job Stock

If stock has been booked against a job, you will need to check which stock is required, and the location of where the required stock, so that it can be picked up if necessary.

To do this, from the Dashboard, click on Stock on the left:


  1. This is the menu to view the stock stored in the van – if this is incorrect, you may need to do a stock-take to make rectify this
  2. This is a summary of all items stored in the selected location
  3. This is the stock required for the jobs to be undertaken today
  4. You can search stock stored in other vans, so that you can swap stock with other drivers
  5. You can search for the stock items held by your company, and find where it is located
  6. Here you can view item specifics
  7. This is the search function if there you are looking for a specific item
  8. If you have had additional jobs assigned to you, or stock has been moved whilst you have been doing your checks and inventory, pressing Refresh will update the stock locations
  9. This option will allow you to add stock from a location to your van.
  10. Here you can create new items of stock – this is for if you are doing a stock take and find unlisted stock, or if you go to a merchant and need to add the new items you have purchased to stock.


Picking Up Job Stock

From the stock screen, if you click on Today’s Job Stock, you will be presented with the below screen:


  1. This line tells you which job the stock is for
  2. This tells you the quantity of stock required
  3. This is the stock description and barcode number of the stock item
  4. This is the status of the stock – if you have not yet confirmed the stock (see point 6 below) then this will say To Be Confirmed
  5. This tells you where to pick the stock up from
  6. This will allow you to confirm the pickup of stock
  7. This will allow you to cancel stock (this would be used if the incorrect part was assigned to the job

If you are at the location to pick up the stock, press the Confirm button (see point 6 above). Confirm your quantity and press OK:


You will see on this screen that the status is now in black and says Confirmed and that the confirm button is now green. The Van Stock will also have changed to reflect this.