Adding Stock Using Barcodes/Serial Numbers on the BigChange App

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If you need to add additional stock to your van from stock, you may do this using a barcode or serial number for the item.

From the Stock screen, select the "Add to Van" option.


This will open the dialogue box below, asking to identify where the stock is coming from:


You have the option to choose a "Contact" or a "Vehicle". Select the relevant option, and enter the name (of the Contact or Vehicle).


You can either use the barcode option (by selecting barcode icon/image) or by entering the barcode number.


As you begin to enter the item barcode details, a list of items which begin with the serial number will appear in grey beneath the barcode box. Select the item you wish to add.


When you select the item, a tick will appear. Select "OK". The item you have just added, will now appear listed in the Van Stock.



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