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Using Stock & Equipment on Tablets

Items of Stock or Equipment are frequently needed in order to complete a job. Typically, many jobs will have stock booked against them which will require the use of van stock, stock already at the contact, or necessitate picking up Stock from one, or several, sites.

NB You may also be interested in the sister article Stock & Equipment.



Viewing Stock & Equipment

From the Dashboard, click on Stock on the left:


The screen will now display a variety of stock options:


  1. This is a stock list of the items currently stored on your vehicle.
  2. These are the items required for the jobs to be undertaken today.
  3. You can search items stored in other vans, so that you can swap items with other drivers.
  4. You can search for the items held by your company, and find where it is located.
  5. This is a summary of all items stored in the selected location.
  6. Clicking on the arrow will display detailed information for this item.
  7. The search function if you are looking for a specific item.
  8. If you have had additional jobs assigned to you, or stock has been moved whilst you have been doing your checks and inventory, pressing Refresh will update items.
  9. This option will allow you to add items from a location to your van.
  10. Here you can create new items, useful, for example, if you find unlisted stock during a stock take or if you go to a merchant and need to add the new items you have purchased to stock.


  • Van Stock

This is all the stock which you have on the vehicle you will be driving, a perfect tool if you are required to perform a stock check:


For each item, you are shown a quantity, description and serial number where relevant. Pressing on the arrow to the right of the description will display any additional information:



  • Today's Jobs Stock

This is a list of all the items of Stock & Equipment you will need to perform today's job list.  You will see that it includes the quantity of each item needed, followed by a description and their current location.


  • Other Van Stock

This gives you the option to move pieces of Stock & Equipment between vehicles if something you need is currently located there:



  • Search Stock

Here you can search for any item of Stock & Equipment currently held by your company and see where it is located:




Picking Up Stock

If items of stock or equipment have been booked against a job, you will need to ensure that you have them with you in order to complete the work.

To check what stock is required and its current location, from the Dashboard, click on Stock on the left.


From the stock screen, if you click on Today’s Job Stock, the screen will display as shown below:


The areas outlined in red (above) show the current location of the 3 items required for the job.


  1. This line tells you which job the item is for.
  2. This tells you how many of that item of stock are required and gives the item description and serial number where relevant.
  3. This is the status of the stock. If you have not yet confirmed pick up then this will say To be confirmed.
  4. This tells you the current location of the item ie where to pick the item up from.
  5. This will allow you to confirm the pick up of the item. When pressed, the display will change from blue Pick up to green Drop off.
  6. This will allow you to cancel the item in the event of the incorrect part having been assigned to the job.

Once you are at the location to pick up the item, press the Confirm button (see point 5 above). You will now be asked to enter the quantity of each item you wish to pick up and press Done. Finally, click Ok to confirm:


If you are not at the correct location to pick up the parts, you will receive a notification advising you of it:


Once you have successfully picked up a part, you will see that the display changes, the status is now in black and says Confirmed and the confirm button is now green and says Drop off, ready for you to drop it off at the job site:


If you now click back onto the Van Stock view, you will see on this screen that the changes you have made are reflected there.




Reallocate All Items on a Vehicle

Stock & Equipment can be transferred from one vehicle to another on the JobWatch system using the 'Relocate all' option. They can also be transferred to a different contact.

For further information on Stock & Equipment, please read the dedicated article



Adding Stock Using Barcodes/Serial Numbers

If you need to add additional stock to your van,  this can be done either by manually adding the serial number or via the item's barcode. From the Stock screen, click on the Add to Van option:


This will open the dialogue box below, asking you to identify where the stock is located:


Select the desired option, entering the name or registration number of the Contact or Vehicle:


From here, you can either begin typing in the name of the item or use the barcode option by pressing the picture of the barcode or entering the barcode number.

As you begin to enter the item details, a list of possible options will appear in grey beneath the barcode box. Click on the one you wish to add, then click OK.


The item you have just added will now have appeared on your list of Van Stock:




Creating New Stock Items

This feature allows you to add new items of Stock or Equipment from a tablet when required, eg after purchasing a required item from a shop or wholesaler.


Please note -

You can only create non-consumable stock items from the tablet devices. Devices cannot be used to create consumable items, if you want to create a consumable item, you will need to log in to your site from a computer.



From the Stock screen, click on Create New Item:


A 'Create new item' screen will now have opened:


You will first need to decide whether the item is stock or equipment. Next, select a category from the pre-defined list created by your back office:


Then begin to search the make and model.


If the item already exists, you can select it from the dropdown list. This will open the fields for you to confirm, and fill out, before pressing Save. If the item does not show in the list, you can press the + next to the item, and then fill out the fields as before, and press Save.




Using Stock on Jobs

There are two methods of using the items on jobs: through the Stock Menu, or from the job itself.

  • Adding Stock from the Stock Menu

Typically, a driver will check their stock needed for the day at the beginning of their shift and collect it all before going to their first job.

To use items, first add them to your vehicle using the steps shown in the Picking up stock section. 

You can add items from the stock menu, once it has been confirmed as being picked up and on the van. To do this, go to the Stock Menu, and select Today’s Jobs Stock.


Next to the item of stock you intend to use, press (1) the green Drop off button, (2) the quantity, (3) Done and finally (4) Ok


If you are not at the correct location you will see this warning message:


The above information is calculated using your tracker. If you have pressed Yes, the Status will now be green and say Done.


  • Using the Stock from the Job

You can also use items from a Job from within the Job itself, this is often the preferred method. To do this, go to the job, and you will see the Job Stock option as below:


In the upper right of the screen, you will see the Use Part option.


This will open the Use Part screen:


  1. Here you can select where you are getting the item from:
    • Van will take it from the items in the van.
    • Site is for the site you are currently located at for the job.
    • Contact will allow you to select a different contact/site to pick the item from.
  2. This allows you to choose whether you are going to use the part:
    • Site (i.e. you are just generically using the part eg lightbulb).
    • Specific is where you can use the part on another piece of equipment. (i.e. If the Stock was a Pump, it could be used on a Boiler as part of a repair).
  3. Search by scanning the barcode or type freehand, then select from the options list and add in the quantity.
  4. Press Ok to complete.