Sending and receiving messages

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Users in the back office may wish to contact you via JobWatch. This useful as this does not rely on you having to close the app in order to read text messages, and this does not rely on mobile signal, as these can be accessed if the device is connected to Wi-Fi.


Sending Messages

From the Dashboard, click on the Messages Button:


From here, you will see any messages which have been sent to you and can tap to create a New Message:


In order to compose a new message:


  1. From here, if you start writing the name of another user, a you may pick their name from a list.
  2. Here you will need to write your subject
  3. Here you need to write your message
  4. Once you have filled out the three fields, press Send Message

This will be delivered to web users and devices of the user you have messaged.


Receiving Messages

Others within the business may need to contact you from time-to-time using the messaging system.

When you sign into your tablet, you will see any messages awaiting for you as a notification on the Dashboard:


From here you will be taken to the messages screen:


  1. The icon to the left of the message subject indicates the whether this has been read or not
  2. This is the Subject of the message
  3. This is the date and time when the message was sent to you
  4. This is the first line of the message (this may vary between devices, depending on the screen size)
  5. This allows you to delete the individual message
  6. This allows you to delete all Read messages
  7. This allows you to mark all messages as read

By clicking on the message, this will open it up:


From here, you will be able to reply to the message, and your response will appear underneath the original message, very much like a text message on a smartphone.