Stock Movement and Reallocation

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To easily move Stock & Equipment navigate: (1)Stock & Equipment → (2)Stock or Equipment and then click on the items to be moved. Now click on (3) the "Move" icon:

4. Stock & Equipment.png

A popup screen will now open:


Complete both fields (1) and (2) to show how much stock you wish to move and to where. In our example we are moving 18 of the 19 items from our van stock to our customer:


Finally, click on (3) "Move" to move the items. You will now see that 18 items have been deducted from the van and added to the customer's location:


Stock can also be reallocated from one Vehicle's Stock to another, for example in case a vehicle has to be taken out of service. This can be done by

  • navigating: Fleet & Resources → [side menu] Fleet → select vehicle → view → [tab] Stock → [icon] Reallocate all