Approving Receipt of Goods from Purchase Orders

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It is possible to create stock movements from Purchase Orders when marking items as received. To do this, you must first ensure that the following criteria are met:

  • The Make and Model must already exist in the system.  If they don't, or you wish to add more, navigate: [Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin Settings[side menu] Stock & EquipmentManage Make and Models.
  • The item must have a Supplier and Cost price against it. For further information on setting this up, please read the 'Creating Makes and Models' section of this article.

Creating the Purchase Order

To create a Purchase Order, navigate: CRM → [side menu] Financial Documents → [icon] New financial document. Select (1) purchase order and then (2) Add stock:


Now add the make and model. When you start typing the system will offer you suggested items to choose from, simply click to choose the correct one, followed by 'Add':


You must then ensure that the following information is entered into the Purchase Order:


  1. The cost price must be entered (it can differ from that in the Manage Make and Models module.
  2. The contact must be a valid contact in the system.
  3. There must be a supplier.
  4. There must be a delivery site.

Save your Purchase Order and send it / mark as sent.

Once sent, a Purchase order’s 'Stock' tab can be accessed and items in the order can be confirmed. When confirming that items have been received,  you can choose to confirm full or part receipt of items by selecting an item and confirming or amending the number of stock items you have received by clicking Confirm:


When this is done, it confirms the items at the contact destination and shows a movement recorded against the item from supplier contact to the delivery site. It will be shown as having moved from the ‘Planned’ field above, to the Actual’ field below:



  • When receipting stock you have the option to update the number of items received and the value paid as there is a potential these numbers differ from the time the PO was created.
  • When receipting serialised stock/items of equipment you can enter each item’s serial number with a line gap between, or if preferred, the system will auto-generate serial numbers for the items to make this process easier.