Confirming All Stock Actions in One Go

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In order to speed up processing for a resource using a tablet/device it is possible for an Administrator to enable the confirmation of all the stock actions for a job at a single stroke.

  • Navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon) Admin Settings [side menu] Schedule Add/Edit Job Type Device tab.

Tick the checkbox (17) outlined below 'Resources can confirm all job stock actions in one go' and Save:


This translates across to a device/tablet by introducing a 'Validate all' button outlined on the right hand side in our example below:


Clicking on this button will  allow the resource to confirm all stock items in a single action. When the resource clicks on the 'Validate all' button  a popup asking for confirmation will appear:


When the resource clicks 'yes' to confirm, all of the red 'To be confirmed' messages in Illustration 1 will  convert to green 'Done' messages:

4.png Note that when (16) Resources need to confirm stock used for jobs, has been left unticked in the back office, job stock on the device will be automatically confirmed and directly show the action button (i.e. drop-off or pick-up) to the user.

NB your tablet/device must be equipped with app v5.7660 or later in order to use this feature