Assigning Stock & Equipment to Jobs

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If you have specific items of Stock &/or Equipment which will be needed on a job, eg for planned maintenance, then these can be easily added by clicking on the 'Stock & Equipment' tab of the 'New Job' popup, toggling between Planned/Actual and Stock/Equipment/Either and then Saved:


Note that 'Actual' will show items which were actually used and will therefore only display items after the job is complete.

Clicking on Add a stock item will open a new popup window:


Additional fields will be displayed depending on the selection you make from the dropdown list. Below are examples of scenarios showing how each option might be used:


  1. This could be used for deliveries or installations, where items are taken to the job and left there.
  2. This could be used for items used to carry out a job but which are returned to the van/office/depot after the job is complete.
  3. This could be used for replaced parts or equipment or collections.
  4. This could be used for services or repairs.
  5. This can be used for replacement parts or additional installations, eg a new pump on a boiler, or using a diagnostic device on a machine.

The first 4 options follow a similar pattern so we will look at one type as an example:


  1. Stock option.
  2. The current location of the item, whether it is on a vehicle, or at a Contact.
  3. This allows you to identify if this is a single item or a Consignment. If Consignment is selected, the next 3 fields will disappear and you will instead be asked for the Consignment name.
  4. If a vehicle was selected in (2), then you should input the make and model here.
  5. If you selected Contact in (2) clicking here will show you a list of all items currently at that site so that you can make a selection.
  6. For non-consumable items, this is the serial number or barcode of the item. This is not mandatory, and leaving it blank will mean that the specific item to be used is currently ‘unknown’ or could be determined later. For consumable items, this box will change to quantity.
  7. If this is selected, the item will appear as a line item for cost and selling price on the Financial Document associated with the Job.

Option 5, Used on equipment, operates slightly differently


  1. You must specify here the serial number of the item at the site you will be using the item on (e.g. The boiler).
  2. Here you need to specify the make and model of the item you will be using on the piece of equipment (e.g. New pump for a boiler).