Using Stock/Equipment on Tablets

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For detailed information on Stock & Equipment use on tablets and devices, please see the separate stock & equipment on a device article.

Items of Stock or Equipment are frequently needed in order to complete a job. Typically, many jobs will have stock booked against them which will require the use of van stock, stock already at the contact, or necessitate picking up Stock from one, or several, sites.

From the Dashboard, click on Stock on the left:


The screen will now display a variety of stock options:


  1. This is a stock list of the items currently stored on your vehicle.
  2. These are the items required for the jobs to be undertaken today.
  3. You can search items stored in other vans, so that you can swap items with other drivers.
  4. You can search for the items held by your company, and find where it is located.
  5. This is a summary of all items stored in the selected location.
  6. Clicking on the arrow will display detailed information for this item.
  7. The search function if you are looking for a specific item.
  8. If you have had additional jobs assigned to you, or stock has been moved whilst you have been doing your checks and inventory, pressing Refresh will update items.
  9. This option will allow you to add items from a location to your van.
  10. Here you can create new items, useful, for example, if you find unlisted stock during a stock take or if you go to a merchant and need to add the new items you have purchased to stock.

You should also consider the device settings you have around Stock & Equipment for a device in the back office. This can be set up according to Job Type.

From the back-office, navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin Settings [side menu] Schedule Job types locate the job type in question and open it to edit:

3. Stock & Equipment.png

Where the box has been unticked in the back-office, job stock on the device will be automatically confirmed and directly show the action button (i.e. drop-off or pick-up) to the user: