Mass upload of Stock & Equipment

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It is possible to upload items of Stock and Equipment en masse using the Template found in the Help Centre. It can be accessed using the Floating Help button at the bottom right of your page:

1. Stock & Equipment.png

Alternatively, or if your Help button has been disabled, navigate: Support TabRoad → Support → User Guides, Templates & Add-Ons:

2. Stock & Equipment.png

Clicking on the User Guides, Templates & Add-Ons button will open a new page.

Click on the Templates toggle and click on the Stock and Equipment Import to download the Template:


Make the appropriate selection from the pop-up window, followed by OK:


Once your Excel Worksheet has downloaded, you will see that the opening tab is a reminder of the difference between Stock & Equipment and that the other 2 tabs are to separate the 2 types of item:


Click on the Enable Editing button on the yellow menu strip at the top. When you click on either the Stock or Equipment tab, you will see a series of explanatory boxes appear to help you understand what information should appear in each column:


Close-up of part of Worksheet[/caption] Additional things to note when completing this Worksheet are:

  • Column E - is not necessary to put in a currency sign
  • Column F - optional but if using this column, size should be measured in m³
  • Column G - optional but if using this column, weight should be measured in kilos
  • Columns H & I - these inter-relate as if you are inputting a unit cost you need to say where you purchased it.  You may well have more than one supplier for the same item and have acquired them at different prices.  Your supplier reference is from your CRM and your supplier must already have a record created there.
  • Columns J & K - If the item has a serial number then add it to Column J and add '1' in column K.  If it doesn't have a serial number and is consumable stock, you can leave J blank and add multiple quantities to K.
  • Column M - this is where the item is stored.  It could be at a customer, etc but if you store it in your warehouse it is recommended that you set it up as a record in your CRM so that it can be easily identified as a location.
  • Column N - where items are smaller and may be stored on a vehicle, you could add the vehicle registration in this column, rather than use Column M.

Once you have completed your Stock or Equipment tabs, they must each be saved separately. For best results, always review your data before uploading it, ensuring that you remove any blank rows as well as the comments.

To save them separately, click on the tab you wish to save and right-click on it. Select Move or Copy:


Select the relevant tab and tick the Create a copy checkbox:


and choose to save it as a new book:


You can now rename this and save it in an appropriate folder (File → Save as → [your filename here]).

Now that you have clean data, you can import it into JobWatch.  Click on the Stock & Equipment tab and select either Stock or Equipment from the side menu. Now press the Import icon :


A new popup window will have opened asking you to select a file to Import:


choose the relevant file and click to import:


You will now see something which looks like this:


If this is the first time that you have uploaded this file then select 'Override stock quantities'. If you have already uploaded the information previously, these items already exist and you are now updating stock quantities, change the setting to 'Add to existing stock quantities'.

Finally, check that all of the headings for the top 2 rows match eg Unit price and Cost price equate as headers, make with make, model with model, etc. When you are happy that everything is correct, click Import. A confirmation popup will now appear:


and you will receive an email confirming the status.