Receipting of Stock and Equipment

  • Updated

When a Purchase order is raised and stock items are part of the purchase order there will be a new tab shown on the document once created titled “Stock”. Providing you have specified a supplier address and a delivery site for the document raised you will then be able to receipt stock from the supplier to the designated delivery site at the point of physically receiving the items.

Once sent, a Purchase order’s stock tab can be accessed and items in the order can be confirmed. When confirming items of stock you can choose to confirm full receipt or part receipt of items by adding the number of stock items you have received, this creates the items at the delivery site and shows a movement recorded against the item from supplier contact to delivery site.




  • When receipting stock you have the option to update the number of items received and the value paid as there is a potential these numbers differ from the time the PO was created.
  • When receipting serialised stock/items of equipment you can enter each item’s serial number with a line gap between or if needed the system has a button to auto generate serial numbers for the items to make this process easier.