Other Features of Blueprints

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Other Features of Blueprints

  • It is possible to create multiple blueprints with the same type – making it even easier to import or export data of the same type but in different formats, to be used in different applications.


  • Blueprints can easily be duplicated – perfect if you wish to create a copy and amend it rather than start from scratch. Simply click Duplicate and then click Edit to make any changes.


  • For added security, blueprints can be locked. Once locked, only the user who has locked a blueprint can unlock it.





Blueprint Option 'Add all Worksheet/Workflow Questions to Blueprint Columns'

Looking for an easier way of adding all of the Worksheet/Workflow questions to a blueprint? Now it's a single click:

  • Navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon) → Admin Settings[side menu] → Forms → Import/export blueprints




Streamlined Job Finance Exports with New BluePrint Functionality

Within the Job Finance List, we've supercharged the export functionality. Now, not only can you filter and export job finance details seamlessly, but you can also customise the format by using our extremely popular blueprint feature. This means you get to decide exactly what data you want, and how it's presented.

Perfect for re-importing easily into a 3rd party system.

New features

  • BluePrint Creation: System admins can now create a blueprint, a custom template for exporting data. This includes a rich selection of Job and Finance Data fields, ensuring you capture every essential detail.
  • Enhanced Export Options: The finance team can now export both jobs and their associated lines directly from the Job Finance List. Whether you're focusing on sales lines, cost lines, or both, the blueprint you've created will generate the data just the way you want it.
  • Renaming for Clarity: To make things even clearer, we've renamed existing exports to “Job - Financial Document” and ”Job - Finance Document (Lines)”.

Administration Setup
To create a blueprint, navigate to [Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin SettingsForms → [side menu]Import/Export Blueprints.

Select “Add” and a new window will open:


1. Name - name your blueprint
2. Group - select the group which this blueprint will apply to e.g. jobs, stock, equipment
3. Type - select Import, Export or Import/Export


Below is a completed form showing the import Jobs blueprint we are using as an example.

  • As you will see, as soon as the upper part of the form has been completed, a new, 'Column Mapping' section appears.
  • The top field allows you to select a column letter, determining the order in which the fields will be displayed.
  • The field beneath it allows you to select the JobWatch field this column will correspond to.
    Columns can be added and deleted by using the plus/minus icons.
  • Selecting plus, will open an additional popup, “Insert column”, which allows you to design exactly the blueprint you require.
  • When all the columns have been mapped, select save.

Below is an example of how a completed Job Import blueprint might look, together with the spreadsheet it is designed to import.


Using a Job Finance Blueprint to export Data
When your blueprint has been created, you can now proceed to export your data.

  • Navigate to the CRM tab [top icon menu] → Financial Documents [side menu]
    Under the Documents tab, use the filters to select your documents to export.
    Select the Export Icon.


  • On the popup, choose either “Job – Financial Document” or “Job – Financial Document (lines)”


  • “Select export blueprint to use” and choose the format from the dropdown lists.


  • You will receive an email with a link to download your data.