Intergration with RingCentral

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RingCentral allows you to use your computer as a communication hub, synced to your office network and your mobile phone.  It enables the following functions:

  • make and receive calls
  • send and receive texts
  • send and receive faxes
  • audio conference call
  • video conference call

BigChange can provide seamless integration into RingCentral, allowing you to optimise your workflow by seeing the profile within the JobWatch system when a call is received and dialling a number by simply clicking on it. Set up of each of these features is described below.


Incoming Call Popup

With this feature, an incoming call will be instantly run through your CRM and a browser window will open displaying the caller's details:

1. RingCentral.PNG

With this feature, an incoming call will be instantly run through your CRM and a browser window will open displaying the caller’s details:


To set this up, open the RingCentral Phone app and click on the settings icon at the bottom right of the Dialpad, outlined below:


1. Go to the 'Settings' (mechanical gear icon)
2. Select the 'Phone' sub menu
3. Find 'Launch an external app....'
4. Select 'Manage'



1. Enter the URL into the field 'Enter command'
2. Press 'Save'

URL is:



Back Office Settings

With this feature, you will be able to dial a number simply by clicking on it. When phone numbers are not clickable, pressing on them in the CRM list view

(1) will result in the usual dialogue popup opening:

  • Navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin Settings → [section] Website Click-to-call protocol Select 'Tel (used by Skype, Smartphones...)'


Once selected, your option will save automatically. If you now open your CRM and hover over a Contact's number from your list

(1), you will be able to click on it and a popup (3) will open confirming that you are making a call using RingCentral.  You will see the number that you are about to call appears at the bottom left of your screen (2):

2. RingCentral.png

It can also be accessed from the Contact's card by clicking on the 'Call now' field next to their number:


A RingCentral Dialpad will now open showing the active call has begun:


Users who use the incoming call popup can also view any open Notes relating to the caller via 2 buttons: one to show open notes against the Contact in general and another to show open notes against the Contact Person, specifically:

3. RingCentral.png



Click to Call Link

You can use JobWatch to phone your contacts with the addition of clickable phone numbers on the website.This can be achieved via

  • Navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon) Settings Website, then amend the Click-to-call protocol to "Tel (used by Skype, smartphones...)" from the drop-down menu.

4. RingCentral.PNG

Before the change you will see that there is only an option to view the contact, whereas after the change you have the option, in this example, to Skype:

Should you wish to change the selected call option at a later date, this can be achieved by

(1) Navigate to Windows ->

(2) type in "default" ->

(3) select "choose a default app for each protocol":


then select Tel (URL: Tel Protocol) and select your chosen software application. To confirm whether your telephone system is compatible with the 'tel' protocol please provide this article to your telecoms or IT provider.


Unrecognised Number

When an incoming call comes from a number that is not recognised in CRM, users are given the option to either create a new contact or add to an existing one. When prompted with the option to assign the person to the new contact, the parent contacts are displayed in bold.



Once a selection is made, an 'eye' icon allows the user to view the contact to make sure they have selected the correct one.



Adding Custom Fields to the Incoming Call PopUp

The popup can display the following additions where set up in the back office:

  • If additional information has been added for a contact in the field ‘Extra info’, eg 'Part-time worker Mon-Wed only', this will be displayed in the Contact section beneath the address field. Where additional information has not been added, the field will not appear in the popup.
  • If the person has any populated custom fields, eg their LinkedIn address, it will be displayed as the last fields in the Person section. Again, where additional information has not been added, the field will not appear in the popup.
  • If the account is on stop, a red banner will be displayed at the top of the popup, detailing all information as to who put the account on stop, when and why.

5. RingCentral.png