Bespoke Automation

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JobWatch offers a constantly evolving and fully comprehensive, paperless system. However, there are instances where complex business needs exist, or where enhanced integration is required. In these scenarios, BigChange can offer the ultimate in customisation and automation. By providing you with bespoke automation, our Professional Services team can satisfy your unique requirements, streamlining your system and helping you create a competitive advantage.


How Automation Works

Automation uses identified areas of your business process and constructs them as triggers which automate manual tasks.


To better understand how this works in practice, let’s take an example of how automation might work on a job type “Onsite Survey” 

The note name and associated stage results, as well as the flag, are specific to our preferences for this Job but can, of course, be customised to your own requirements. The stages undergone by the system for our sample job are as follows:


  1. A Job “Onsite Survey” is created.
  2. The Job result is “Completed with issues”. 3.png
  3. This acts as a trigger and a new note, “Feedback Call” is automatically created.4.png
  4.  The Subject field is automatically populated with “Survey Feedback”.
  5. The Due Date field is automatically populated with the day after the Job was carried out.
  6. The Note Owner field is automatically populated with the name of the manager of the resource who carried out the Job.
  7. The Notes made on the device by the resource who carried out the Job are automatically uploaded into the Dialogue box of the “Feedback Call” Note, ensuring that all information is at hand when the manager reviews it and calls the customer.
  8. A flag “With C/S” is automatically added against the Note.

1. Bespoke Automation.png



Where Could this be Used in Your Business?

Automation can be applied to many areas of your business to streamline and enhance your processes. Here are some further examples:

Areas to Consider as Triggers:

  • New contact or job created
  • Job status changes (e.g. starts)
  • Note status changes
  • Data import
  • Job duplicated
  • Job complete successfully/unsuccessfully
  • A specific worksheet question is answered

Areas to Consider as Actions:

  • Create related follow on Jobs (e.g. Inspection/Test Job)
  • Create Stock details to Job Worksheet
  • Create a new financial line item
  • Automatically update one of your other systems



Examples of Custom Actions Created  


  • Flag assignment.

Example: When a job is assigned the flag ‘project complete’, create an invoice from the line items at group level and send.

  • Contract creation

Example: A contract is created for a monthly office deep clean.  Twelve jobs and associated notes are automatically created when the contract is created.

  • Note Completion

Example: When a note is created, automatically create invoices against grouped jobs for the previous month.



  • Job Completion

Example: When the job “Ground maintenance” is completed for a specific contact (Headingley Cricket Ground), automatically upload the Job card to their Dropbox account.

  • Stock Movement

Example: When the job “boiler fitting” is booked, automatically add the part to the job for collection from the warehouse and add the movement “brought to site and left at location”.

  • Weather Forecast

Example: Using weather data, automatically create jobs which match the preset temperature thresholds and optimise the route.



  • Note Completion

Example: When the Note “Quote Acceptance” is completed, create the jobs, “Hardware delivery” and “Onboarding”.

  • Negative Result

Example: A negative response on a customer satisfaction question in a workflow could automatically trigger a feedback call within 24 hours.



  • Example: When a vehicle defect is raised, create a note against the vehicle with details of the defect to log repair status.

For further information and to discuss your options, contact our Professional Services team who will be happy to help.