Managing Collaboration Jobs in BigChange

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This article provides guidance on how to manage collaboration jobs in BigChange. It is crucial to understand the process to ensure consistency and prevent confusion between the Originator and the Contractor.


Understanding Collaboration Jobs

Once a job is created by the Originator and shared with a Contractor via the Network, selected fields will no longer be editable. This is to ensure that job details remain consistent between what the Originator requests and the Contractor carries out.


Editing Collaboration Jobs

Should a change be required in the job details, the job should be cancelled and reissued. This is to maintain the integrity of the job details and prevent any potential confusion.


Handling Changes in Collaboration Jobs

Any changes in the job will be signalled by a green banner across the top of the job, displaying details of who to contact regarding change queries. This feature ensures that all parties involved are aware of the changes and know who to contact for any queries.




Managing collaboration jobs in BigChange is a straightforward process designed to maintain consistency and prevent confusion. Remember, once a job is shared, selected fields become uneditable. If changes are required, the job should be cancelled and reissued. Any changes will be signalled by a green banner at the top of the job.