Matching Contacts in the Network

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This feature allows users to link jobs with their own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, making it easier to search for specific jobs.


Accessing the 'Match Contacts' Feature

The 'Match Contacts' feature can be found in the Recipient’s Job window. To access it, click on the three-line (hamburger) menu and select 'Match Contacts'. This will open a popup with two options:

  1. 'Create a new contact'
  2. 'Match to an existing contact'.



Creating a New Contact

To create a new contact, select the 'Create a new contact' option. This will allow you to add a new contact to your CRM system directly from the job window.


Matching to an Existing Contact

If you want to link the job to a contact that already exists in your CRM system, select the 'Match to an existing contact' option. This will allow you to search for and select the relevant contact.


Benefits of Using the 'Match Contacts' Feature

Once a job is linked to a contact, all future jobs from that Originator for that contact will be searchable, including all job site information. This means that when future jobs are created by the Originator for that contact, the job created at the Recipient will populate the job site. This makes it easier to keep track of jobs and ensures that all relevant information is easily accessible.



The 'Match Contacts' feature in BigChange can help streamline your job management process. By linking jobs to contacts in your CRM system, you can make it easier to search for and manage jobs. Whether you're creating a new contact or linking to an existing one, this feature can help you keep your job information organised and accessible.