Setup of Network for Effective Collaboration

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The BigChange Network is a unique platform designed to foster collaboration between customers. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to effectively utilise the Network to find or offer subcontractor services, ensuring a seamless and efficient collaboration process.


Setting up the Back Office

Before you can start using the Network, it's essential to assign administrative rights to the individual(s) who will manage it. This can be done by navigating to [Top menu] Profile (icon) > Admin Settings > Web Users > Roles > Administration collaberations and Network.



Joining the BigChange Network

Once the Web user role has been assigned, the Network can be accessed by the Administrator(s). To join the Network:

  1.  Select the BigChange Extra Icon on the top menu.
  2. Select Network. This will open 'The BigChange Collaboration Network'.
  3. Select the 'List Now' button to list your company on the network.



  1. Selected the desired option 'Subcontract' or 'Find subcontractors'.
  2. Adding a brief description allows you to outline precisely your company's proposition.
  3. Where you are based.  Where multiple sites are offered it is best to name your Head Office as you can indicate the different areas you cover in the next field.
  4. Although the Locations covered field is not mandatory, this is where the map icon on your listing and the 'Locations covered' search box draws their information from, so it is worth populating.  It also allows you to show different sites, factories or warehouses where relevant.
  5. The main sector you work in.
  6. The person who enquiries should be directed to.
  7. Please bear in mind when adding this information that businesses work at different times and possibly even different time zones.  For this reason, don't add a phone number here that you would not want to be contacted on outside of office hours.
  8. Your Head Office.
  9. Your chance to shine.  Add the accreditations and awards that you have achieved, eg ISO, sector accreditations.
  10. Inform prospective partners about the insurance cover that you have in place.
  11. Your business hours.
  12. Your T & Cs.

This is how a completed and approved listing will look and how the information will have pulled through:




Contact information


Operating hours 




Insurance Cover 


Terms & Conditions


When you click to save, a popup will now open which you must click Agree on to save:


Once you have saved your request to join the Network you will receive a popup acknowledgement:


You will see that the 3 illustrated boxes have now disappeared. This is normal as each company can only request a listing once for each of the 2 options.

What Happens Next?

BigChange will respond to your request by emailing you a more detailed form which should be completed and returned. You will see that your display under Network will also show 3 tabs: All listings, My listings and My collaborations, shown in the example below:

  • If you click on 'All listings' you will be shown listings of all of the currently approved companies available for collaboration
  • If you click on 'My listings' you will see your own application and its current status
  • If you click on 'My collaborations' it will show listings of all current collaborations you have in place

Once you have requested to become either a Contractor or Subcontractor you will notice that the following will appear:


Clicking on this will allow you to apply for the other option ie if you requested to become a Contractor the first time, this time you would be requesting to become a Subcontractor Once your Network request has been approved your status will change to 'Approved' and your listing tile will appear in the 'All listings' tab.


Requesting Collaboration

Regardless of whether you have an approved listing, you can still request collaboration from others who have one. Navigate to: Network > All listings and use the search and filter options to find the company that will best serve your requirements.


Hover on the tile of the prospective partner organisation you wish to select and a 'Request collaboration' button will appear:


Select Request collaberation, it will open the following popup:


The options you can select from on the dropdown listing are determined by those set by you on [Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin Settings Contact & Notes → Contact Groups eg:


When you have made your selection, click Ok. You will receive the following popup:


Once this form is completed, JobWatch will send an email message to the contractor. The contractor must click on the link shown in the email, as in the example below:


They will then be taken to the collaboration request. Hover over the tile and the 'Open collaboration' button will appear as shown below:


In the 'Matching Contact' box, enter a matching contact which is stored in your own CRM. If one does not exist, please create one before completing this request. Click on it and then select either 'Approve' or 'Refuse':


When at the request stage the top bar of the tile will look like this:


Once approved it will change to this:


After collaboration has been activated, job types need to be selected from your list of Visible job types.  You can select one or multiple job types from your list:


Once collaboration has been agreed your collaborator's 'tile' can be viewed under the 'My collaborations' tab. Please Note: You should ensure that you have your own commercial and legal agreement in place with companies you wish to collaborate with before undertaking work. 


Accessing Helpful Videos

The BigChange Network provides a range of helpful videos to guide you through the various features and functionalities of the platform.






The BigChange Network is a powerful tool for facilitating collaboration between customers. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can effectively use the Network to find or offer subcontractor services. Remember to ensure that you have your own commercial and legal agreement in place with companies you wish to collaborate with before undertaking work.