Editing Your Network Listing on BigChange

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This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to edit your network listing on BigChange. It's important to keep your listing up-to-date to ensure accurate and relevant information is available to your network.


Navigating to Your Network Listings

To access your network listings:

  1. Navigate to the Network tab.
  2. Click on the My Listings tab.



Editing an Approved Listing

Once you're on the My Listings tab, you'll see your listing(s) displayed. To edit a listing:

  1. Hover over an approved listing. Note: Pending listings cannot be edited as they are in the process of being approved.
  2. An Edit Listing button will appear. Click on this button.


Making Changes to Your Listing

After clicking the Edit button, the original form you completed will appear for you to edit.

  1. Make your desired changes.
  2. Click the Save icon at the bottom of the form.

Awaiting Confirmation of Changes

After saving your changes, a popup acknowledgement will appear. You will then be notified once the requested changes have been made.



Keeping your network listing updated on BigChange is a straightforward process. By following these steps, you can ensure your listing accurately reflects your current offerings. Remember, pending listings cannot be edited until they have been approved. Once your changes have been saved, you will receive a notification confirming the update.