Web User Types and Licenses

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This article provides a guide on how to manage Web User licenses in BigChange. Understanding how to manage these licenses is crucial for administrators to ensure the right team members have access to the system.


Navigating to the Web Users Management Screen

To view all Web Users on your account, log in as an Administrator and navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon) → Admin Settings → [quick links menu] Manage Web Users.

The 'user type' column on this screen denotes whether a user currently holds an active licence.



Understanding the 'User Type' Column

The 'User Type' column allows you to see which users are active and can access BigChange, and which are inactive and cannot access BigChange. Users with an active license will be able to access BigChange, while those with an inactive license will not.

Making a User Inactive

When a team member no longer requires access to BigChange, it is recommended to change their account to 'inactive' rather than deleting it. This prevents the user from logging in and does not affect your licence numbers, as there is no limitation on the number of inactive users. The number of unattributed 'active user' licences remaining is displayed below the field.



Purchasing Additional Web User Licences

If you wish to purchase additional web user licences, please email orders@bigchange.com detailing the number you require. Our commercial team will forward a quote as soon as possible.



Managing Web User licences in BigChange is a straightforward process that allows administrators to control who has access to the system. Remember, if a user no longer needs access, make them 'inactive' rather than deleting their account. If you need more licences, simply contact our commercial team. For any further questions, please contact Support.