How to Tag a Web User in a Note in BigChange

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This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to tag or mention another web user in a Note's dialogue in BigChange. This feature is crucial for effective communication and collaboration within the platform.


Navigating to the Notes Section

To tag a web user in a comment on a note, you first need to navigate to the CRM on the Top Menu and Select 'Notes' from the side menu.



Tagging a Web User in a Note

Once you've located the note you wish to tag a user in or clicked to add a new note, you can proceed to the Detail tab. When adding a comment in the dialogue box, type @ and as you begin typing the web user’s name, a list of web users will appear. Select the correct one and it will then appear in blue text in the comment box.



Adding the Tag

Clicking '+Add' will both add your comment to the dialogue and send an email to the tagged user to alert them of the message.

Please Note: Once a message has been added to the dialogue, it cannot be removed or edited.



Tagging Multiple Users in a Note

If required, you can tag more than one person in a comment by simply adding multiple “@ user names”, for example “@username1 @username2…”. Once they have been mentioned using this function, the next time a note is added to the thread the names of the last mentioned people will auto-populate.




Tagging web users in a note on BigChange is a simple yet effective way to ensure clear communication and collaboration within the platform. By following these steps, you can easily mention other users in your notes and keep everyone in the loop.