Managing User Restrictions

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This article provides a guide on how to manage user restrictions in BigChange. It's essential to understand how to refine restrictions at both the user group level and individual web user level to maintain security and efficiency within your organisation.

Web user restrictions in BigChange refer to the limitations or controls set on a user's access within the system. These restrictions can be set by an administrator to manage what a user can view or edit in the system.

For example, a user might be restricted from accessing certain areas of the system, such as financial information or customer details. They might also be restricted from performing certain actions, such as creating new jobs or modifying existing ones.


Navigating to the Restrictions Settings

To access the Restrictions settings, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Profile icon in the top menu.
  • Select Admin Settings from the dropdown menu.
  • In the side menu, select Web Users or Manage web users from the Quick links.
  • Select Restrictions.



Understanding and Refining Restrictions at the User Group Level

The User group level settings allow you to set restrictions for large departments or groups, saving you time and effort.

If no checkbox is ticked the user can see everything. If a contact group is ticked then the user will only be able to see contacts within this group. If a resource group is ticked, the user will be allowed to view all resources within this group.




How to Set User Group Level Restrictions

To set restrictions at the User group level, simply tick the boxes next to the groups or resources that you want the user to have access to. If no box is ticked, the user will have access to all resources within that category.



Example of User Group Level Restrictions

In the example provided, a user named Christopher has been given certain restrictions. He can see:

  • Any resource placed within the group 'Alarm Response' and 'CCTV Repair Team' as these are the two boxes ticked.
  • Only vehicles '1 AB31OOK', 'AA66 AAA' and 'AP16 HAP'.
  • All contacts, as no box is ticked.
  • All Jobs, as no box is ticked.



Understanding and Refining Restrictions at the Individual Web User Level

The individual Web user level settings allow you to set specific restrictions for each user. This is useful for tailoring access and permissions to suit each user's role and responsibilities.


How to Set Individual Web User Level Restrictions

To set restrictions at the individual Web user level, follow the same process as for the User group level. However, instead of ticking boxes for groups, you will be ticking boxes for individual users.




Managing user restrictions in BigChange is a straightforward process that can greatly enhance the security and efficiency of your organisation. By understanding how to refine restrictions at both the User group level and individual Web user level, you can ensure that each user has access to the resources and information they need, without compromising on security. Remember, the key to effective user restriction management is regular review and adjustment as your organisation and its needs evolve.