Managing App Serial Keys

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This article provides information on how to view and reset App Serial Keys in BigChange. This feature is crucial when transferring a license to a different Resource or device, such as when an employee leaves the company or when changing phones or tablets.


Navigating to the App Serial Keys Feature

To access the App Serial Keys, navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon) → Admin Settings → [side menu] → Account → App serial keys.


Resetting an app serial key can lead to data loss. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure all tasks are finished and timesheets and expenses are approved and synchronised with the website prior to resetting. Any data lost due to premature resetting of an app serial key is irretrievable.

Viewing and Resetting App Serial Keys

Resetting an App Serial Key

  • Select a Serial Number to open a Reset Key popup.
  • Click on the Reset Key to open a cautionary popup window.
  • Click the reset key when you are sure that you wish to do so and the serial number will change and display the new activation date.


Resetting an app serial key will result in a loss of data. Ensure that all jobs have completed and timesheets and expenses are signed off and synced to the website before resetting to avoid data loss. Data lost as a result of resetting an app serial key prematurely cannot be recovered.

Understanding the App Serial Key Status

  • Any app Serial key that has a resource name in the ‘Last Resource’ column and no activation date has already been reset and therefore cannot be used.


This feature is only available for customers who have downloaded the JobWatch app through either the Google Play store or through the IOS App store. Customers who have purchased devices direct from BigChange will not see this option.


Understanding how to view and reset App Serial Keys in BigChange is crucial for efficient license management. Always ensure that all jobs are completed and data is synced before resetting an App Serial Key to avoid data loss.