Personalising Your Profile Settings

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This article provides a guide to personalise and optimise your profile settings in BigChange. These settings are crucial for tailoring your user experience, enhancing your productivity, and ensuring seamless communication within the platform.

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Where to find My Profile

  • Navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon)Profile:


Section 1 – My Information

This section is where you can personalise your details that will appear on all emails sent from your site. This information is pre-filled when you are set up as a Web User, but you can edit it at any time. This includes changing your login password or selecting an alternative version of your name. It's advisable to use your own name for accountability purposes.


This information can also be used for documentation such as Templates or Financial documents, using Keywords.

These can be found in the Miscellaneous tab of template keywords

  • Navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin Settings[Quick links menu] Templates select template[button] Insert Keyword[tab] Miscellaneous:


Section 2 – My signature

Adding a personal touch to your communications is possible by including your signature. Select the Add button and sign within the dotted square. Once saved, it will appear in a preview panel and can be edited at any time.


Section 3 – Security

Security is paramount, and BigChange allows you to institute 2-step verification for employees using the Google Authenticator app. This adds an extra layer of security to your account.


Select the Create button and then follow the instructions within the popup.



Section 4 – Out of Office

The Out of Office feature is a handy tool for informing colleagues of your absence.


Once you have completed the information here, a prompt will appear advising the note writer that the tagged user is Out of Office, ensuring effective communication within the team.


Section 5 – Units

This section allows you to customise your preferred settings based on the region and industry you work in. You can also set your default country dialing code here, which will auto-populate throughout the system.


  • Picking Your Date Format

In BigChange, you can choose how you want dates to be shown. For example, in the UK, the day comes before the month, but in the USA, the month comes first.

  • Setting Your Time Zone

You can choose your time zone from a dropdown menu. If you want, you can also choose UTC for Universal Time.

  • Changing Default Settings

If you're not sure about changing from the UK default settings, you can try out other options. If you don't like the changes, you can easily switch back. Remember, any changes you make will only affect what you see, not what others in your company see.

  • Setting Your Country Dialling Code

You can also set your country's dialling code in BigChange. Once you've done this, it will be used automatically throughout the software. If a user doesn't enter the full number, the prefix will be removed.


Section 6 – Website

Here, you can select your landing page which automatically opens when you login to the website. This could be the Dashboard or any other page that suits your role. You can also set up password recovery questions for forgotten passwords, ensuring you can always access your account.


  • Changing Your Landing Page

When you log into BigChange, the first page you see is your landing page. Usually, this is the Dashboard, but you can change it. For example, if you work in logistics, you might want the schedule as your landing page. If your business is only in the UK, you might want the UK map display.

  • Setting Up Click-to-Call

Click-to-call lets you call customers by clicking their number on their contact card. This can make remote working easier. For more information, check out the RingCentral article.

  • Creating Password Recovery Questions

You can set up password recovery questions in case you forget your password. This helps keep your account secure.


Section 7 – White Labelling

White labelling is a feature that allows you to rebrand emails from the BigChange system with your own details. This is important to ensure that your emails are not junked by SPAM filters and to avoid customer confusion.


For more information on White Labelling, check out the White Labelling article.


Understanding and personalising your settings on BigChange is key to maximising your user experience. By tailoring your information, signature, security settings, out of office notifications, units, website preferences, and white labelling, you can ensure that the software is optimised to your needs. Take the time to explore these settings and make the most of your BigChange experience.