The 3 Line Menu (aka Burger Menu)

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This article provides a guide on how to effectively use the 3 Line Menu in the BigChange Schedule. This feature is Useful for efficient job management and route optimisation.



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Understanding the 3 Line Menu in the Schedule

The 3 Line Menu, also known as the 'hamburger or burger icon', is a key feature in the Schedule. It provides access to seven useful features that aid in job management and route optimisation. To access this menu, click on Schedule on the top menu and then on the 3 line menu to the left of the resource you wish to look at.



Weekly view

The Weekly view option opens the Schedule Weekly View for the chosen resource, providing a comprehensive overview of the week's tasks. By using the filters on the left you can filter by Resource Groups or individual resources.



Show journey

The Show journey feature displays the resource/vehicle's movement for that day underneath their jobs, providing a clear visual representation of the day's route.


Viewing jobs on the map

The View jobs on map feature opens a map popup in the Schedule, showing the route between each job for the resource/vehicle. Additional items can be added to the map by clicking on the eye icon.


Optimising route

The Optimise route feature provides the most efficient route between a start location and an end location, including any waypoints in between. This feature works differently depending on whether or not the resource has shift start and end locations.


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Reassigning all jobs

The Reassign all jobs feature allows you to reassign all the jobs for a particular resource/vehicle to another resource or another day. This is particularly useful if a resource is unavailable or if the route has been allocated to the wrong vehicle or resource.


Unallocating all jobs

The Unallocate all jobs feature automatically unallocates all the jobs from the schedule to the unallocated/unscheduled jobs list, providing a clean slate for job allocation.

Cancelling all jobs

The Cancel all jobs feature allows you to automatically cancel all jobs at once, saving time and effort compared to manually cancelling each job individually.


The 3 Line Menu in the BigChange Schedule is a powerful tool for efficient job management and route optimisation. By understanding and utilising each of its features, you can streamline your operations and improve productivity.