Understanding BigChange Icons and Colours

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BigChange uses a system of icons and colours to provide real-time information and progress updates. This article aims to help users, both new and experienced, understand the meaning and significance of these visual cues.


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Understanding JobWatch Icons

BigChange uses a variety of icons to represent different actions, statuses, and features. These icons are designed to be intuitive and easy to understand. However, if you're new to the system or need a refresher, here's a guide to some of the most common icons:


Job Status Icons

These icons indicate the status of a job. For example, a clock icon indicates a job that's in progress, while a green thumbs up indicate a completed job.



Feature Icons

These icons represent different features within BigChange. For example, a calendar icon represent the scheduling feature, while a map pin represent the location tracking feature. There are also various icons for Customer Activities such as: Quotation Sent/accepted or a finicial document which has been paid.

icons3.png icons4.png icons5.png


Understanding BigChange Colours

In addition to icons, BigChange also uses colours to provide information. In some cases, the colour of an icon will change to indicate progress or status. Here's a guide to understanding what different colours mean:


How Icons and Colours Indicate Progress

Together, icons and colours provide a visual representation of progress within BigChange. By understanding what different icons and colours mean, you can quickly assess the status and progress of jobs at a glance.

Icons6.png Icons7.png Icons8.png Icons9.png



Understanding the icons and colours used in BigChange can help you navigate the system more efficiently and effectively. By familiarising yourself with these visual cues, you can quickly assess job progress and status, helping you to manage your tasks more effectively.


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