How to Send Files Securely Using BigChange

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This article provides a overview guide on how to send files securely using BigChange. In light of GDPR regulations, it is recommended to avoid using email for transferring files containing personal and confidential information. Instead, BigChange offers a secure platform for storing and transferring such files.

Locating the 'BigChange' Contact

Within the CRM, there should be a contact named 'BigChange'. You can easily locate this by typing 'BigChange' into the search box.



Creating a New Contact

If you need to send us a file and the 'BigChange' contact does not exist, you can create a new contact by clicking on the 'New Contact' button above the sidebar.



Uploading and Sending Files

  • Click on the contact and select 'edit'.


  • Once the contact has opened, select 'Attachments'.


  • You can either drag and drop files from your desktop onto the window to begin the upload, or click on the add button at the bottom.
  • The attachments can be sorted and filtered using the prompts at the top.
  • When you begin the upload, you will be asked to confirm that 'Web users' can view the file.
  • Once the upload has been completed, a tick next to each file will appear.


If you are sending BigChange a file, please notify us of the file you have uploaded. If BigChange is sending you a file, we will do the same.



Sending files securely is crucial in today's digital age, especially with the introduction of GDPR. BigChange provides a secure platform for transferring files containing personal and confidential information. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure your files are sent securely and efficiently.